Monday, 9 November 2009

the first post

so, i have now begun to understand the allure of the blog and obvious benefits concerning career, social life and a need for attention at all times. only in retrospect, will we see the effects of this culture of every man being celebrated for their own taste or lifestyle. so, i imagine i will use this space to talk about work predominantly, most things usually feed into this anyone actually listening? maybe they shouldnt, have I made a large mistake by creating this little page. do i now feel more alive? like i have my virtual feet on the ground?
anyway, i must get on with sorting out all of my belongings in the real world. laters.
i guess i should have just written how i am sat in my warehouse apartment in hackney wick, listening to radio 4 organising my collection of snow domes however, i am rather bored of cheap and easy ways of expressing status with as little effort as possible. I AM BRINGING BACK CRAFT TO CYBER SPACE.
aren't i so fucking cool.

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